Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Watch The Death Of The Nigerian Youth As they sit and Watch Rigging In Akwa Ibom

I keep saying the problem in Nigeria is not the Government . The problem is you and I , the youths of the country without self dignity, self esteem, self respect , with low Morales. Our parents without self esteem that encourage their children yo take it as it comes ..
All these orientation brew up into the men we have in Government.
In the video you are about to see where rigging is taking place in broad day light , I see a corp member (NYSC) watching and looking like a dead fish while this crime is committed . Would we say he's senseless ? No he isn't   only that his sense has been bought with at least 5,000 which the big shot Woulda weighed his brain value at .
Please watch below as   Inec staff the youths and future of Nigeria collude with PDP as they rig in Akwa-Ibom.
Video credit -Premium Times , YouTube
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